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Dubai Smile Design

Smile Design trends in Dubai

Dubai has always been my favorite place to visit, not just because of it’s golden sands, sunshine and lifestyle, but because it cultivates creativity and it is a breeding place for everything future related. Yes even smile design and smile makeovers are tuned up to future trends and technology!

This summer I took a longer break and stepped into Vilafortuny Clinic in Dubai, the Middle East’s only certified DSD Clinic, led by the amazing Dr Katherin Trelles and her amazing team, located in the affluent neighbourhood of Jumeirah. Vilafortuny is well known for not just dental care and smile design but also cosmetic surgery, rejuvenation technology and even general healthcare and laser medicine. It is also a training center for doctors and dentists who are passionate about their field of work.

A smile for a life

Our DSD Clinic workflow was put to the test as I could blend easily into Dr Trelles’s clinic implementing my clinic’s workflow and approach to dentistry. What made this experience different was what Dubai is well known for, hospitality and excellence. Working side by side with top dental technicians in Vilafortuny and looking over the shoulder of their leading orthodontist, endodontologists and surgeons was a one of a kind experience.

I was surprised to see how smile trends in Dubai had shifted from the classic Hollywood Smile to a more Natural Smile Design. Contrary to the ‘bling bling’ image we have of Dubai, expats and locals are opting for natural enhancements rather than the classic or fake designs. This is why Digital Smile Design blends beautifully into patient’s expectations and as Vilafortuny can also offer cosmetic enhancements beyond the smile frame, their clients have access to natural beauty all under one roof. We are also seeing a similar trend for natural results in Europe, as ‘fake’ makes way for ‘natural’, because let’s face it when it comes to smile makeovers you would want one for life and as we age anything ‘natural’ will blend beautifully with our esthetics.

Having said that it makes me wonder…are Natural Smiles the new Hollywood Smile?

Vilafortuny Clinic collaboration

HDC Clinic is proud to be collaborating with Vilafortuny Clinic in Dubai to continue learning and implementing new techniques from the city of the future. You can find Vilafortuny through or simply ask us for information should you wish to have your smile makeover when visiting Dubai.

Our team of patient coordinators can coordinate your treatments in both locations and cater to your travel plans so you can focus on your vacation or business trip to Dubai without worrying about your smile journey.