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Less dentistry, more smiles

The HDC Experience

Dr.S. Helmi, cosmetic dentist

Meet Saghi

Dr Saghi Helmi

Dr Saghi Helmi graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 1994 and her passion for cosmetic dentistry developed over the years after following many International courses on minimal invasive dentistry and biomimetics. A true believer of the digital workflow, she had implemented digital dentistry early on with Cerec crowns and was immediately attracted to the possibilities that the Digital Smile Design concept would give to her patients. Ever since, all smile designs and complex dental treatments follow the DSD protocol. She loves passing on this knowledge to the next generation of dentists, making them just as enthusiastic about digital dentistry as herself.

Her team is built of enthusiasts just like herself, where smiles are the focus of patient care and relations.

Less dentistry and more smiles, welcome to HDC Clinic.


HDC Clinic

HDC Clinic was founded in 2007 by Dr.Saghi Helmi with the intention of being an exceptional dental practice where passion for dentistry is elegantly blended into patient experience in a full digital workflow. This quest for perfection resulted in becoming The Netherland’s only certified Digital Smile Design Clinic and becoming part of the International DSD Clinics since 2018.

We take pride in having designed more than 500 smile designs as of beginning 2023 with DSD, helping our patients to achieve their dream smiles and humbled to be chosen as their smile designer.



HDC Clinic a Certified DSD Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry