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Have you been Zoomed?

Let’s talk teeth whitening, summer is almost here and mouth masks are becoming extinct, sun is shining and you will be smiling. Of course the more tanned you are the whiter your teeth will show…but the coffee stains will still be there, right?

So how can we help?

Regular hygiene visits is a must, not just to make your teeth look whiter but most importantly to keep your gums healthy and combat the bad bacteria in your mouth. Once this has been checked and we are sure you have no cavities then we can talk whitening.

At HDC we use Zoom! Chair side teeth whitening. This is a power bleaching session and takes about 50 minutes. Zoom! Uses 6% hydrogen peroxide applied under a lamp to give the teeth a whitening boost. We protect the gums before applying the whitening gel and with such a low peroxide level there is no sensitivity, rest assured. This will not damage any enamel either.

Your Zoom! Package comes with a take home kit where you can apply the gel for an extra two to three nights to maximise your bleaching effect. We will supply you with your own bleaching tray from a digital scan of your teeth. You can apply the gel with the bleaching tray whilst you are sleeping and wake up to an even whiter smile. And keep the extra gel, this will come in handy if you want a touch up after some months.

It’s best to avoid coloured food right after bleaching, just so your veggie shake doesn’t leave a trace on your teeth…..and of course the less coffee, red wine and smoking you do the more you will enjoy your white smile all summer.